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Unskewed Graph: the KILL OBAMACARE OR ELSE vote is bipartisan

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Last week, the House approved a plan to shut down the government unless Obamacare gets defunded. The bill had bipartisan support according to Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

Radical left-wing communist and sinner Rachel Maddow scoffed at the claims of bipartisan support, and presented a very liberally biased graph that showed the so-called “numbers” of people who voted for and against this bill.

We, however, know that “numbers” and “graphs” can be very misleading and lead to all kinds of liberal bias. In the grand tradition of the GOP, we have unskewed Maddow’s graph to present the same data, but in a way that highlights the truth that conservatives want you to believe:

Unskewed Graph of bipartisan support


See? Totally bipartisan.


Of course, whether “bipartisan support” is a GOOD thing or not may be a matter of debate, as pointed out by TeaPartyCat here: The REAL Problem with the Defund Obamacare Or Shutdown The Government Bill.


Please make sure to share this graph with anyone who doubts that there is bipartisan support for completely shutting the government unless Obamacare is defunded.

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