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Is climate change real? The Kochs’ $67M says no. This dead polar bear says yes.

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Koch Industries is responsible for emitting 300M tons of greenhouse gases every year.

Since 1997, they’ve spent $67M waging a war against climate change science.

They’ve also spent a lot of money on Supreme Court justices and GOP politicians. They’ve gone so far as to force the entire House Republican leadership–and many, many others–to sign a pledge that will block any meaningful legislation to prevent climate change from killing us all.

How do you fight against that?

Maybe by sharing the story of this one polar bear.

It was forced by melting Arctic ice to travel hundreds of miles searching for food before collapsing and dying as nothing more than a bag of skin and bones.

Jeff Flocken, at the International Fund for Animal Welfare, told The Guardian: “While it is difficult to ascribe a single death or act to climate change it couldn’t be clearer that drastic and long-term changes in their Arctic habitat threaten the survival of the polar bear. The threat of habitat loss from climate change… could lead to the demise of one of the world’s most iconic animals, and this would be a true tragedy.”

Full story: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2013/aug/06/starved-polar-bear-record-sea-ice-melt

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